Luís Tobias moves at an early age with a glance fronted by the inner becoming. Born in the Alentejo (Portugal) - which he calls "Mátria" - in Évora, where he studied, travels through Europe,  North America, Maghreb and India. He was a founding member of the artistic movement Fundição Veia Assanhada (Restless Vein Fusion) and of the poetic collective Caixa Geral de Despojos (General Scrap Container), both embryonic of Porto, in the 90's of the 20th century and the 10th of the 21st century respectively.He regularly collaborates in magazines and other literary-artistic periodicals.

He is the author and director of photography of films in various formats. He does photography for scene and recitals, which often operates as a vanishing point in the literary terrain with which he articulates.

Having the "primary pigment" of his creative output light, he reveals something already on display at his video-text-photography installations.

Someone said about him: “Luis photographs poetry and writes photography."

He publishes several books in which the intermediation is the firm ground,from which multidimensional trips are triggered. The displacement as paradigm of the search for an aesthetic answer to ontological questions is recurrent in the work of this author.He wrote: "Here is inscribed the frustration of a civilization, which arrogates itself as such, despite its inability to generate organic solutions to mitigate the immeasurable and obsessive thirst for satisfaction and peace of the individuals who give it body."


As a fine art freelance photographer  he is accepting other interesting photographic and video challenges

He also collaborates regularly in performances,
lectures, magazines and video projects.

In 2010 he founded the KLARWELT STUDIO

He is based at PORTO - PORTUGAL